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Low-key spots, with affordable drinks let you unwind and make new friends, while upscale bars and pubs attract you with delicious cocktails, imported beers, fantastic food, and world-class musical entertainment. Want to get dressed up in your fancy gear and step out to be seen? The island offers a wide range of nightlife experiences for visitors of all type.

Most crimes happen in the Kuta area where very very drunk youngsters who have lost the grip on things can become easy targets. Bali is a peaceful place, but going "down that road" in Bali increases the chances drastically to end up mugged, hurt or in deep trouble.Make no mistake though, Seminyak’s clubs can get as wild as they come.New hot spots often pop up and then shut down as soon as they get popular.Bali Au Naturel and the connecting Glass House offer gay and straight visitors the opportunity to enjoy a 100 percent clothing-optional environment.Located on the northern Bali beach the resort environment features exotic plants and large swimming pools, and offers outings to the jungle, area waterfalls, colorful markets and historic temples.Some mega clubs have made things easier for those who don’t want to travel by offering restaurants, bars, and multiple dance floors with different music styles, all under one roof.Live music is available in Kuta, Sanur, and Denpasar, and tends to draw also a local crowd. There is theft, murder and rape like in any other country in the world.Cover bands are common, as is karaoke, and the scene is more about drinking and meeting someone new than all-night dancing. These crimes are committed by Balinese, Javanese, Australians,..people from all over the world.When all of the clubs and bars shut down, clubbers can keep going at a number of afterhours spots or at one of the late-night restaurants or street food centers that cater to the night owl. Bali's crime rate is low considering that around 4 million foreign tourists hit the island every year from abroad and 8mio more come from the surrounding Indonesian islands. And law enforcement is not what one would like to see and expect when one is in trouble.Since so many Europeans visit Bali, they bring some level of acceptance of topless sunbathing on beaches, as long as it is done without sexual overtones.However, if you were to cause some kind of scene or problem while sunbathing topless, you could officially be considered in violation of the country's laws against public nudity.


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