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We continue to seek and implement practices to reduce the amount of energy, water, paper and other consumable products we use as part of our daily operation.We continually improve the sustainability of our ships years ahead of state regulations.Here is the legacy color scheme (top), and the new default scheme (below): Additionally, the following table describes the color scheme change in terms of RGB values.Red and White Fleet’s long-standing commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly practices runs deep and permeates all aspects of our business.In the year 2000, the Red and White Fleet received a grant from the Maritime Administration to conduct a feasibility study on converting our existing fleet of steel mono-hull, 350 to 600 passenger vessels to CNG, as our engines had the capacity for dual fuel operation.

We are also working with our fuel suppliers on sourcing and delivering renewable diesel (made from in-cycle carbon sources but processed differently than biodiesel and meeting ASTM 975) which offers a 60% reduction in greenhouse gases as well as reductions in PM and NOx.

These women were instrumental in the environmental sustainability movement in San Francisco.

They also supported the development of the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC), the first coastal zone management agency in the U. As part of the Mc Ateer Petris Act, the BCDC became a temporary state agency.

Years ahead of regulatory compliance dates, we converted all the engines on our vessels to Tier II and Tier III.

Since 2014, we have worked closely with Sandia National Laboratories and numerous other partners, with grant funding from the Maritime Administration, on bringing hydrogen fuel cell propulsion into the marine industry.


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