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Ikea china dating npr problems dating someone 10 years older

Aired 2-p ET • Holocaust Survivor Narrowly Avoided Synagogue Attack; White House Defends Trumps Rhetoric in Wake of Hate Crimes; National Mourns After Week of Unthinkable Violence. Aired 9-a ET • Mass Shooting At Pittsburgh Synagogue; Leicester City's Owner's Helicopter Crashes; Erdogan Calls on Saudi Arabia to Extradite Khashoggi Murder Suspects.

Aired 1-2a ET • Indonesian Plane Crashes with 189 Aboard Minutes after Takeoff; Survivor of 2006 Hate Crime Shooting Reacts to Pittsburgh Tragedy; Suspicious Package Addressed to CNN Intercepted at Atlanta Post Office; Right Wing Candidate Wins Presidential Race in Brazil.S.; The Killing Of The Journalist Jamal Khashoggi; A New York Times Report That Claims Russian And Chinese Spies Are Listening To President Trump's Phone Conversations; Rohingya Crisis Plan. Cory Booker Found in Florida, other in New York to Former Intel Director James Clapper at CNN; CNN: Feds Arrest Man in Connection with Suspected Explosives. Aired 12-1a ET • Federal Authorities Update Package Bomb Investigation; Suspect Arrested in Bomb Plot.Aired 3-p ET • Bomber Identified as Cesar Sayoc In Florida; Suspect Arrested While Shopping at Auto Zone; Sayoc Has Criminal Record and Once Threatened to Blow Up a Florida Utility; FBI Put Tarp Over Suspect's Van to Protect Stickers and Show Political Motivation.Aired 4-5p ET • Pittsburgh PD: Active Shooter Situation Near Synagogue.Aired 11a-12p ET • Latest on Mass Murder At A Synagogue In Pennsylvania.• Lion Air Flight Crashes With 189 On Board; Three Hate-Filled Crimes in Three Days in U. Aired 12-1a ET • Lion Air Flight Crashes with 189 on Board; Fans Mourn Leicester City Football Club Owner; Trump's Response to Calls for Toned-Down Rhetoric; Typhoon Yutu Set to Strike the Philippines; Vigil Held To Honor 11 People Killed In Pittsburgh. Defense Secretary Calls for Transparent Probe; Japan's Princess Ayako Weds Commoner; Search and Rescue Search for Lion Air Survivors; Brazil's Trump Won the Race; Eleven Lives Taken in Pittsburg Shooting; Thai Boys Rescued from Cave Meet Manchester United; Boston Red Sox Beat L. Aired -10a ET • Lion Air Flight Crashes with 189 on Board; Bolsonaro Wins Brazilian Election; Friends and Family in U. and Israel Mourn Victims of Synagogue Shooting; Leicester City Football Club Owner Killed In Helicopter Crash.Aired 4-5p ET • 11 Killed In Deadliest Anti-Sematic Attack In US History; Suspect Posted Anti-Semitic Rants On Social Media.Aired 3-4p ET • Synagogue Mass Shooting in Pittsburgh; Interfaith Vigil Remembering the Victims; Race Targeted Killings, Pipe Bomb mailings, and Anti-Semitism Murders within a Week.S.; Knife Attack on Chinese Kindergarten; Japanese Journalist Freed from Captivity in Syria; Hawaiian Island Submerged by Hurricane; Inside the World of Bomb Disposal.Aired 1-2a ET • Ten Pipebombs Have Been Recovered, The U. On Edge; Another New Explanation From Saudi Arabia; Central American Migrants Headed For The U. Bomber; Trump Blames Media after Bombs Sent to CNN; Saudis' Changing Story on Jamal Khashoggi; Saudi Attorney General: Journalist's Death Was Premeditated; Manhunt Intensifies As More Possible Bombs Intercepted; Knife Attack Reported at Chinese Kindergarten.


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