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Dating a dallas arbiter fuzz face

Most dynamically responsive fuzz I’ve ever used by a big margin. ”Your Fuzz is awesome, it’s something completely different compared to my other pedals.

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Clean amp tone & then Fuzz pedal engaged at 12 seconds. ——————————————————————————————————— Sound Clip Description: *Smooth spread of rich harmonic textures of clean, overdrive and “rubber band quality” fuzz tones by manipulating guitar volume between 3 and 10, and stands out in the mix while never being too bright.Grâce à Hendrix, Gilmour (notamment), il y a longtemps que la Fuzz Face est entrée au panthéon du rock !Ce modèle Blue à transistor BC108 date de la fin des années 60, début 70's.Can’t stop smiling, I just can’t believe how this works with my setup. I played with the temp controls and it also gets REAL sputtery if turned clockwise. With all the internal controls at default and the knobs cranked all the way it gets a little splatty with chords.Almost like an Octavia, but not nearly that bad.” * Grounded Input True Bypass via a significantly higher quality switch than the boutique market standard.In most cases these legendary designs were among the first of their kind, and original examples have become rare, pricey and collectible.Perhaps most significantly, each example has inspired a seemingly endless array of remakes that are more widely available than ever before.Since that time, the Fuzz Face fan club has come to include the likes of David Gilmour, Eric Johnson, Stevie Ray Vaughan and a host of other axe slingers.More than nearly any other vintage effect, the Fuzz Face has propagated a volume of legend and lore, much of it based around its circuitry and design.* Reinforced wiring harness featuring vintage correct spec pvc stranded copper wire and shielded input and output wiring to reduce noise extending nuances. * New Old Stock 1960s Allen Bradley Carbon Resistors.Warm and smooth over-driven tone compared to modern carbon film resistors. * New Old Stock PNP Gold Lead Germanium Transistors- individually hand selected and audited in each circuit for optimal tone, low noise, and stable performance.


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