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Cannot connect to itunes store when updating apps

If that comes up blank, a search for relevant terms on Twitter can often be a good way of finding out if people are sharing your pain.(If you click on that link you'll automatically search Twitter and the results should indicate if others are having problems).

Try using an alternative Wi Fi network and see if that fixes the problem. If you are accessing the App Store over your 3G or 4G connection, that may be the root of your issue.Or, as long as you can spare the data, open the Settings app and tap Mobile Data.In the section headed 'Use mobile data for', make sure the slider beside App Store is set to on (green).There is even a setting that allows your i Phone to use mobile data to automatically download app updates.Before you turn this on beware that it could mean that your i Phone uses a lot of data downloading updates.It's an obvious one, but you need to be online to access the App Store.Make sure you're connected to the internet - visit Google, for example.If you know this information you can reset the Mobile Data statistics on your i Phone in Settings Mobile Data on that day of the month and at least keep tabs on how much data you are using, and which apps are the biggest data swallowers.If it turns out you need more data then you might have to pay for more, but before you do, you might find that you can manage your data usage better if you follow the tips in this article: How to manage mobile data on an i Phone.While we're on this topic, there is a separate option that dictates whether your device can automatically download app updates as soon as they appear on the App Store, as long as your i Phone is connected to the internet via Wi Fi.This could be a handy setting if you are frequently finding apps aren't working because they need to be updated.


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