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The name of Bikrampur survived in the name of a pargana in the Mughal period.

It appears in Todarmal's settlement in the 16th century yielding revenue of Rs 83,376.

To the north is the Ichhamati river, and there still stand the remains of a very high parapet running east to west, parallel with the ancient course of the river.

To the east is the ancient stream of the Brahmaputra.

From then onwards, throughout the Sultanate period, it remained in oblivion, only to make a comeback as the name of a pargana in the Mughal revenue roll.

The heroic resistance to Mughal aggression put up by Chand Rai and Kedar Rai, the zamindars of Bikramapur (two of the illustrious Baaro-bhuiyans of Bengal) added short-lived glory to Bikrampur.

The site of the city of Bikrampur has been identified with the Rampal area not far from the modern town of Munshiganj.

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Even during the rule of the Sens, who held sway over practically the whole of Bengal, Bikrampur continued to be their capital, and Laksmansen came to this place after his defeat at Nadia at the hands of the Muslim invader Bakhtiyar Khalji, where his two sons, Vishwarupsen and Keshabsen ruled for a short period.Bikrampur the political and cultural centre of ancient Bengal survives only in the name of an area in the Munshiganj district of Bangladesh.The remains of the city of Bikrampur, the capital of the ancient kingdoms of southeastern Bengal, are lost and its location can only be guessed on the basis of available data.RD Banerji also noticed structures in nearby Raghurampur.Bajrayogini, a nearby village, was the birthplace of famous Buddhist scholar Atish Dipankar Shreegnan.The whole area yielded highly valuable antiquities: sculptures of exquisite quality (both Hindu and Buddhist), objects of precious metals.A silver Bishnu image from this area (Churain) is now preserved in the Indian Museum.On the basis of the geophysical characteristics of the area an attempt can be made without any claim for exactitude.In the Thakbast Surveys map (1845-1877) there is no mention of the Kirtinasha (the Padma just before meeting the Meghna).In the ancient period Bikrampur was undoubtedly the most important political centre in the Banga janapad.Indeed, it was the capital city of the Chandra, Barman, Sen, rulers, from the beginning of the 10th century AD to the beginning of the 13th century AD.


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