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(July 4th 1965) With Surrey Education Committee and St Catherine's School Bletchingley. This programme only introduced by Norman Hunt, who wrote this script. (Oct 17th 1965) 5 Portrait of Youth (Oct 24th 1965) 6 Portrait of Youth -2 (Oct 31st 1965) 7 Work (Nov 7th 1965) 9 Class (Nov 21st 1965) 10 Education (Nov 28th 1965) 11 Police and the Community (Dec 5th 1965) 12 Picture of health (Dec 12th 1965) 13 Background to the Image (Dec 19th 1965) start of page ..... Director: Tom Clegg 2.26 Society v Education (Apr 12th 1964) Director: Ted Childs Third series on early Sunday afternoons was titled 'The Law is Yours,' hosted by Jack de Manio. With Annette Crosbie, Roger Delgado, Tenniel Evans, Anthony Woodruff 6 The Idea of Form (May 26th 1963). 1 How the car works And the tools you need (Sept 29th 1963) 3 The Engine (Oct 13th 1963, the series was repeated starting from Jan 10th 1965) the four stroke cycle. 4 Carburettors and Air Filters part 1 (Oct 20th 1963) 5 Carburettors and Air Filters part 2 (Oct 27th 1963) 6 The Ignition System (Nov 3rd 1963) distributor and sparking plug adjustment 7 The Cooling System (Nov 10th 1963) flushing overhaul and adding antifreeze. 2.1 Buying a Second Hand Car -1 (Apr 25th 1965) 2.2 Buying a Second Hand Car part 2 (Apr 25th 1965) 2.3 How to use glass fibre to repair corrosive damage and dents (May 9th 1965) 2.4 Bodywork (May 16th 1965) 2.5 Decarbonisation part 1 (May 23rd 1965) 2.6 Decarbonisation part 2 (May 30th 1965) 2.7 Electyrical Accesories (June 6th 1965) 2.8 Instruments Keep You Out Of Trouble (June 13th 1965) 2.9 A Luxury Car is a Quiet Car (June 20th 1965) 2.10 For Scooter Owners (June 27th 1965) 2.11 For Scooter Owners (July 4th 1965) -overhaul Holiday Motoring (date? The BBC's contribution to the genre included Peter Haig introducing Picture Parade- this started in April 1956.

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